Exponential Leadership – THE must-have Playbook from XCHANGE for leading, teaching and convening any group

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Team & Organizations

Transform your cultural DNA while simultaneously shaping and accelerating strategic plans.

Co-create a shared identity: bring your highest values to life, enable the highest collective vision to emerge.

Capture bold, high-purpose opportunities, on the other side of complex problems.

Unlock individual, relational and collective strengths – all at once.


Learning Communities

Rapidly crowd-source collective wisdom for accelerated learning and widespread value creation.

Exponentially increase value to participants by shifting from outdated collaboration methods, to scientifically designed, active learning experiences. 

Generate new configurations of strengths through multiple ways of matching challenges and capabilities.

Elevate the individual and collective sense of a shared, powerful purpose.


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Create exponential outcomes for companies, communities and conventions.

Differentiate in the marketplace by leading change at the scale of all, and the speed of imagination.

Position yourself to impact any number of “once-in-a-civilization” opportunities.

Collaborate and create with the global XCHANGE Learning Community (18 countries and growing).

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6  Principles

for exponential change

in ANY Company or Community

Source of Change
Conversations are the most powerful fulcrum point for individual and collective change
Speed of Curiosity
The questions we ask will change our future… before the answers arrive
Wisdom of Nature
Leveraging our diverse strengths will give life to a system… most naturally, rapidly, and reliably
Performance Principle
Choreographing connection and inclusion accelerates psychological safety... the primary predictor of group performance
Whole Story Principle
Consciously crafting our stories about the past, present and future… defines and determines our individual and shared reality
Mirror Flourishing
We come alive and flourish, as individuals… to the degree that our work aims to create flourishing, out in the world

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