Our Mission

We enable exponential outcomes, by choreographing conversations that unlock collective wisdom.

What is XCHANGE?

XCHANGE is a radically effective, scientifically based, multi-disciplinary approach for leading and managing teams, organizations and learning communities, both at in-person events (retreats, conferences, summits & workshops), as well as in the virtual environment.

The XCHANGE approach has been proven to enable a team, community, or organization to come alive – to be at its very best – more naturally, effectively, and faster than ever before.

XCHANGE is called upon by some of the world’s leading organizations to design and lead whole system change initiatives, when the stakes are at their highest.

XCHANGE has completely reinvented strategic planning, with a process that invites more voices into the conversation and delivers results at speed and scale.

XCHANGE has been implemented to lead some of the most advanced learning communities and conferences, where the participants have high expectations for learning, engagement and stewardship.

The power of XCHANGE is its ability to be successful in any type of environment and groups both large and small.

How you can leverage the power of XCHANGE

Training & Certification

Get trained in the XCHANGE approach, either online or at our acclaimed in-person immersion experience.


Partner with an XCHANGE Guide who can provide design and onsite or virtual facilitation for your event


XCHANGE is a hyper-collaborative community made up of leaders, entrepreneurs, change agents, consultants, coaches and trainers, from over 20 countries. Our XCHANGE members are committed to supporting each other and a continuous learning journey through our in-person and virtual events.