Facilitate Exponential Conversations Online

  • Design & lead virtual group interactions to unlock collective strengths, creativity and resilience.
  • What to do right now to convert in-person events to virtual (meetings, retreats, conferences, summits)
  • A simple process to elevate purpose, participation and performance in the virtual environment.
  • Leverage experiential learning science to guarantee engagement, implementation and results from virtual meetings.
  • Help groups co-create a powerful shared identity, spark wide-spread resourcefulness, and build capacity to thrive virtually.
  • Reconnect your business (or community) to a noble purpose, even in a time of fear and uncertainty.
  • Use the same approach called upon by Facebook, BMW, Keller Williams, Nike,Vitamix, NASA, to unlock collective wisdom in the face of chaos.

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Tuesday, March 2nd from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM Eastern