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Insight Whisperer, Conscious Collaborator and Strategic Connector
Born into entrepreneurialism, 6 year old Sam asked a question that led to earning her first paycheck: $3.50 selling mistletoe at the public library. Having her curiosity validated, she’s spent her entire career (life) asking questions that unlock insight. Whether she’s the college prof inciting the next generation to think, the 20+year top performing Real Estate veteran, or a top performing kw franchise CEO/Socratic MBA, her super power is asking the questions that incite insight.


“Sam Neylan’s innate ability to gain profound insights into individuals’ highest best work, and then, guide them on how to leverage that within a team setting, is truly remarkable. Her and her team’s expertise in creating an environment that fosters self-discovery and collaboration has had a profound impact on my leadership and has helped me identify my unique strengths and use them for exceptional results. I wholeheartedly recommend Sam Neylan/team for anyone seeking transformative leadership development and team empowerment.”

Christina Seelye

CEO/CEO & Founder
Maximum Entertainment & Maximum Games/Modus/Modus Studios
“Sam is a natural leader, incredibly helpfully curious and insightful, uniquely able to craft engaging and productive spaces for collaboration, and able to provide teams with the insights they need to solve problems in creative and innovative ways. I thought I knew what facilitation meant and thought I was destined for a lifetime of boring meetings, until Sam showed me that facilitation could be so much more, meetings could be engaging, life giving, and powerful, and teams could truly become more than the sum of their parts by harnessing their collective wisdom. Cannot recommend Sam/team highly enough.”

Beth McClelland

Global Staffing Lead in People Operations
“Having had the opportunity of co-facilitating with Sam for almost 2 years, I have an close up perspective on her unique blend of professionalism, warmth, and inclusivity. Because of her leadership style, our daily M-F call, started with 10 participants and grew to 200+ daily, in part because she creates an atmosphere that encourages active participation, collaboration, and open dialogue. Her facilitation and training sessions are engaging, informative, and thought-provoking and her ability to simplify complex concepts and make them accessible is truly remarkable. On a personal note, because of her exceptional expertise, guidance and ability to create a supportive and empowering environment, I’ve had my own thinking transformed. She’s facilitated unlocking new levels of understanding and possibilities, allowing me to see beyond my limitations and explore innovative next steps. And THAT has fostered a sense of confidence and growth in me. Are you considering hiring her company? Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly endorse her exceptional leadership, facilitation and training expertise. Sam’s approach not only drives individual growth and development but also cultivates a supportive and collaborative team environment. She’s an invaluable asset, capable of inspiring and empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential.”

Chris Hurley

Business Coach
Evolve Coaching and Training/ Dwell Expansion Network
“I’ve partnered with Sam Neylan in many different capacities over the last 7 years, and in every interaction, she has made me a better person and has helped me unlock what’s possible in my life. When you’re in conversation with Sam, you feel seen and heard. I would not be building my own successful coaching business were it not for her insight into my skills and abilities and her guiding me on my journey and helping me make meaningful progress on my goals. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t met Sam, but I don’t think I would be flourishing in my business. If you’re considering working with Sam, just take the next step, you won’t be disappointed.”

James Parker

Business Coach
Parker Productivity
“Sam is at her best when she is in a role of leader/facilitator of both small and large groups of people. She is a dynamic leader who creates space for others to show up as their best selves by asking the right questions and gently guiding people. Sam is curious, passionate, humble, and others-focused as she leads groups toward a common goal. I have been the recipient (many times over) of Sam’s ability to unlock potential in people, the results of which show up time and time again in both my personal and professional life. I would jump at another opportunity to work with Sam and her team–an experience which is guaranteed to be energizing, enlivening, and empowering.’

Holly Worsham

Chief of Staff
The Taylor Group


Executive leaders and decision makers partner with Sam Neylan & her team, INSIGHT THAT MATTERS, when they want to quickly unlock their team’s highest insight, resulting in team members who are energized, activated, fully resourced, and poised to accomplish their generative goals.

The best results emerge when the client also resonates with ITM’s ‘Gotta Be This To Be Here’ core values:
• CURIOSITY: we serve each situation best because we suspend judgment, then wonder and ask
• HUMANITY: we welcome, encourage and learn from all voices
• CAPACITY: we honor and nurture all that’s possible
• CREATIVE SOLUTION FINDER: we uniquely use our resources to pioneer win/win solutions
• DELIGHT: we genuinely enjoy the work we do, and the people we get to do it with

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