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Facilitation Skills Just Might Be The
Best Kept Leadership Secret.
— Forbes

Deborah Rozman

“XCHANGE invites the full intelligence and intuition of any group to thrive.”
— Deborah Rozman
CEO, HearthMath Inc.

Raj Sisodia

““Exceptionally engaging, deeply practical, and filled with countless aha moments.”
—Raj Sisodia
Cofounder of Conscious Capitalism

Christin Burych

“This was a powerful 3 days of: incredible learning, abundance of sharing and modelling of all the teachings. If you want to learn how to create psychological safety in your groups, this training is a must.”
— Christine Burych

Grant Hanson

“Completely priceless and the most hopeful and thought-provoking event I've ever attended.”
— Grant Hanson

Glenda Lopez

"My level of self awareness, other awareness, and collective awareness shot up exponentially in 3 days and I have a new skill too! Amazing.”
— Glenda Lopez

Mike Wagner

“I'm not able to capture in words the incredible impact that XCHANGE has had on every facet of my life. I'm a better father, husband, leader and human because of this group!”
— Michael W. Wagner


What to Expect Each Day

10:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m., ET // OPTIONAL Connection Time and Live Music
10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m., ET // Morning Sessions
1:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m., ET // BREAK
2:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m., ET // Afternoon Sessions

$560 x 3 $747 x 3

A Special Payment Option Only For Workshop Attendees

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Jodi Berg

"XCHANGE is the future of unlocking collective hearts and minds."
— Jodi Berg, PHD
CEO of Vitamix Corp


“The results I've seen in our workshops are real, fast, and repeatable.”
— Tucker Max
Co-Founder at Scribe Media

Nicola Raynor

“I knew it was going to be worth the time and expense but it delivered far above my expectation. The impact I will have on those around me now will make me unrecognisable to the person I was prior to this training.”
— Nicola Raynor

Jamie Douraghy

“The OXE experience opens doors to new ways of thinking that I never knew existed.”
— Jamie Douraghy

Monica Brewster

"The value of the XCHANGE experience is truly exceptional, invaluable and indescribable. If you are anywhere in the decision making process...trust yourself and DO IT!”
— Monica Sherese

Radu Chiriac

“A great community where you can meet amazing like minded people focused on improving themselves and helping those around them and whole communities.”
— Radu Chiriac


Where Should We Send a Link to the Training?

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Where Should We Send a Link to the Training?

Enter Your BEST Email So You Get It!


Where Should We Send a Link to the Training?

Enter Your BEST Email So You Get It!