XCHANGE Video Series


1. New Superpower

You will discover a trend that was identified by an executive at google about human evolution compared to the complexity in the world.

2. Designing and Crafting Questions

You will be introduced to old ways of thinking about bringing groups together that need to die in order for a new way of organizing to be born.

3. Unlock Collective Intelligence

You will learn the steps to unlocking collective intelligence.

4. 3 Stages Of An XCHANGE

You will get a direct learning experience of the models we use to amplify learning, create connections and build community.

5. Your New Playbook

You will learn the XCHANGE Operating system for initiating, designing, and facilitating our group experiences that unlock collective intelligence.

The FREE XC 101 Workshop: Increasing Group Engagement

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“AI has the potential to transform individuals, organizations, and society at large. The problem is most individuals and organizations do not know where to begin. XCHANGE training solves that gap.” Author & Assistant Professor of Marketing at United Arab Emirates University
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