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“XCHANGE has stretched me and grown me in dimensions that were previously not. Especially the whole facilitation process. That’s something I was never taught even in my PHD program. XCHANGE has taught me how to teach properly.”
“There’s nothing like this in the world. I’ve found the keystone to unlock new levels of change with my clients.”
“XCHANGE is driving innovation within our organization at speeds we have never before experienced, and it is all happening online!”
“XCHANGE was our operating system from day one. Our thriving mastermind group of entrepreneurial fathers has come alive, grown and thrived… beyond what we ever imaged would happen.”
“I’ve taken a lot of courses and invested in a lot of programs, and this is by far the best online training I’ve experienced!”
“AI has the potential to transform individuals, organizations, and society at large. The problem is most individuals and organizations do not know where to begin. XCHANGE training solves that gap.” Author & Assistant Professor of Marketing at United Arab Emirates University
“The influence of XCHANGE has sparked a tangible, widespread upleveling of both the values, and the value creation for both our men’s and women’s tribes of high powered entrepreneurs.”
“XCHANGE is powerful and works in multiple sectors, which is exactly why I wanted to bring XCHANGE to the field of suicide prevention. A complex industry that is facing enormous obstacles and increasing losses of life. Today, XCHANGE is helping us re-imagine and re-thing everything so that globally we can save more lives.”
“If you are looking to elevate your ability to make an impact, unlock group and collective wisdom and do life changing work in the world, the XCHANGE program and community is a must!”
“At our annual Global Coherence conference, XCHANGE was a catalyst in helping us raise intellectual, social and communal capital.”
“I have been in the learning space for years, and this approach changes the whole game!”
“I’ve witnessed a level of psychological safety, collective wisdom sharing, and large scale engagement that I’ve never seen before.”
“Our company has leveraged XCHANGE for dramatic transformation in the area of sustainability, to become the voice of our industry, and evolve into a heart centered workplace.”
XCHANGE is the future that we all hoped would show up for the event industry..”
“In less than 48 hours, with 150 people in the room… XCHANGE allowed us to find our collective heartbeat, co-create a widely shared vision, and mobilize widespread, aligned action.”
Raj Sisodia
Danny Friedland
Jon Vroman
James Kelley one
Dr. Jaime Hope
DR dan
Julie Reisler
Rollin McCraty, PHD
Jay Papasan
Julie Reiter
Pete Varga

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Here’s exactly what you’re going to learn at This Online Training With The XCHANGE Team

You will also meet like minded coaches, consultants, trainers and leaders from all over the world. 
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Online Training With The XCHANGE Team


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