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Online XCHANGE Experience Training

Online XCHANGE Experience

August 11-13, 2020


Single Payment

Online XChange Experience Training ($3,997 Value)
Resource Library with BONUS Client Debriefs
XCHANGE Online Facilitation Toolkit (Priceless!)
Single Payment
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Online XCHANGE Experience

August 11-13, 2020

$1,000 per month


Online XChange Experience Training ($3,997 Value)
Resource Library with BONUS Client Debriefs
XCHANGE Online Facilitation Toolkit (Priceless!)

What's Included:

Online Training

Similar to our in-person training, the virtual training is taught entirely through experience. Each activity is followed by a debrief, to understand the science and intricacy behind each step of the process.

You’ll learn the foundations of the XCHANGE approach and the best activities to bring into a virtual or in-person setting.

If you lead meetings or groups in the virtual environment already, or you are moving in that direction, this is the training to get you started right now.


  •   Duration: 3 days, 10:30 AM – 5:30 PM eastern
  •   Location: Online (via Zoom)

Case Studies

Also included as a BONUS with your investment, you’ll gain access to five in-depth case studies for additional learning.

These case studies unpack all parts of the agenda design and actual facilitation, essentially providing a play-book that you can immediately implement. 


 Corporate Strategic Planning: Clarke
 Nonprofit Strategic Planning: Habitat for Humanity
 Learning Environment: TEDx
 Mastermind Community: GoBundance Women Online Retreat
 Community Impact: Recovery Resource Center Online Strategic Retreat

During this 3 day immersion experience, you’ll discover:

The XCHANGE Frameworks for helping any team or organization connect to, or co-create, a shared identity, a shared future, and even a comprehensive overall strategy.

An experiential training for change agents to make any online learning event or meeting more impactful, more productive and even more human than in person.

3 Phases of The XCHANGE Conversation
The fulcrum point for powerful change, learning and community building is the conversation. Every XCHANGE Conversation happens in 3 simple stages, and each stage has 3 core success factors.

6 Foundational Questions
The questions we ask serve as the tipping point for our conversations. These 6 questions can be custom configured to unlock individual and/or collective strengths, learning, and vital solutions for any group or team.

4 Conversation Choreographies
Groups achieve various conversational outcomes through the choreography that best matches the needed results. These 4 choreographies allow any group to accelerate learning, connection & belonging – simultaneously, at speed and scale.

5-I Cycle Introduction
Every team, group or community has an identity, a shared future, and pathways to bring that future alive. The 5-I Cycle outlines the sequence of conversations that allow any group to accelerate the realization of their most powerful identity, their highest potential future, and the innovations and action plans to bring their future alive.

Meeting 3.0 Introduction
Meetings, conferences and peer to peer learning communities (masterminds, retreats, circles of practice) have long been overdue for change. The Meeting 3.0 model shares how learning can move from passive to active, how knowledge shifts from expert to crowd-sourced, and the focal point elevates from serving individuals to serving the whole group.

PLUS: Online Facilitation Toolkit
All our best agendas, questions and tools to help you end to end in getting this work off the ground. Emails to generate opportunities, surveys to use at the end of your events, and training on every setting and button to push on Zoom to make this work successful.

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