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Tuesday, March 23 to Thursday, March 25, 2021


Optional aid to your learning and note taking.

Agenda at a Glance

Daily Schedule

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10:00am ET
Connection Time & Tech Check
10:30am ET
Morning Sessions: Training Start
1:30pm - 2:30pm ET
BREAK - Optional Lunch Sessions
Afternoon Sessions
5:30pm ET
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Pete Vargas' Inside the Greenroom Podcast with Jon Berghoff

Deep insight on how to use the XCHANGE approach in a learning environment.

Listen Here

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JP Sears' Awaken With JP Podcast with Jon Berghoff

Deep insight on how to unlock the collaborative genius of groups, creating powerful learning experiences.

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Summary PDF


Essentials of AI

Great introduction to AI, a core element to the XCHANGE Approach. This article is a great one to get familiar with, as it serves as a “light” introduction to A.I. We share this with almost every prospect, before we talk deeply about using A.I. in their organization.
PDF Download


The Concentration Effect of Strengths

Illuminates how AI and the XCHANGE approach are used for complex strategic planning efforts. Large scale case studies included.

If you're short of time, here are the suggested sections of this article:

  • Read the opening three paragraphs
  • Read Success Factor #1 (Reverse the 80/20 Principle)
  • Read Success Factor #2 (Positive Topic Selection)
  • Read Success Factor #3 (Breaking New Ground)
PDF Download

Book Chapter

Getting a PHD in You, Bonus Chapter by Jon Berghoff

In the following chapter by Jon Berghoff, from Julie Reisler’s book Get a PhD in You: Business Edition, Master Yourself to Crush it at Work and Life. Jon, shares the 3 Principles that allow groups to solve their biggest problems, capture their biggest opportunities , and ultimately shape their future—faster, more naturally, and effectively than most would ever imagine possible.
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Tedx Talk

Could One Question Uplift and Unite Humanity?

Inspired by the question... what causes any human system to come alive, more naturally, effectively, and faster than before?

The answer... begins with new questions.

Jon Berghoff says in his talk that we have control over the meaning we give things, and Appreciative Inquiry is a good path forward.

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Tips for How to Show Up

#1. Cameras On. This is an interactive event, so please show up camera-ready!

#2. Let the Light Pour In. Set-up where you can have lots of natural light coming in and lighting your face. The light should not hit your back. Natural light is not only great for energy levels, but it’s also a great look! Be mindful that your computer screen is a source of unflattering light, so adjust your screen brightness if necessary.

#3. Raise your Camera. Do whatever it takes to position your camera at eye level. This means you might have to get creative! The best and only camera angel to strive for is head-on, so your camera is at the same level as your eyes.

#4. Find your best headphones. Your headphones will help to eliminate feedback from your computer speakers and they might even have a better mic than your computer. You can test your external mic vs. computer mic via a Zoom audio Test.

#5. What to Bring. Grab your favorite pen, notepaper, sticky notes, and any snacks or hydration to keep you comfortable.

#6. What NOT to Bring. Eliminate as many potential distractions as possible. Find a comfortable and quiet place, turn your phone on silent, close all browsers tabs on your computer, and set up your email auto-responder as you would if attending an in-person event.

#7. Engage Mindfully. Keep yourself muted at appropriate times and be mindful of how “Chat” is being used—either as a tool or as a distraction.

#8. Check your Tech. Update Zoom to the latest version. [Steps Here] Also, join us at 10:00 am ET for “Social Check-in & Connection Time” to ensure your tech is firing on all cylinders—to be early is to be on time! To test in advance or get any help with Zoom Setup, reply to this email!

#9. Enjoy Yourself! When you show up as your best self, your positive attitude and energy will ripple through the group.

As we enter a whole new world of learning, teaching, and training online, we are being asked as leaders (and participants) to be clear in our expectations for how we show up for ourselves and each other.  

We lovingly ask that you honor our agreements of participation: 

  • End to End Attendance: please be prepared to be present from beginning to end.
  • Be Stationary: please be prepared to participate from a stationary spot. Participation from a moving vehicle, while on a walk, etc. will not work for this type of experience.
  • Full Engagement: Please have both your video and audio on through your computer/laptop/cellphone.
  • Fully Present: Please eliminate notifications, distractions, or anything that will take your attention from the experience.

Failure to show up fully present and ready to engage does not work for this type of workshop. If an attendee does not show up honoring the participation agreement they will be asked to exit the workshop.  Thank you for your understanding.

What to do between now and the training?


Welcome New Starts (aka those new to our training)

Jump in now!


From now until the completion of your live Online XCHANGE Experience, we are excited to invite you to fully jump in and soak up the XCHANGE approach!

It’s not required to engage with any of the below resources, but they are available to you and offer massive value!


  • Get Started with Community Membership: Until the completion of your live Online XCHANGE Experience, you have access to fully engage with the XCHANGE Community and exclusive member benefits.    Click here to get started and learn more about our community.  . [Click here to get started]   Note: You should have an email from our Team with your access to the Learning Lab, if you need assistance, email and we will be happy to help.
  • Learning Lab: Find hours of curated videos with wisdom on all types on XCHANGE Applications. You have full access to our Learning Lab and to this introductory course which has five in-depth case studies for you to learn from and apply right away. [Click here to access]   Note: You should have an email from our Team with your access to the Learning Lab, if you need assistance, email and we will be happy to help.
  • Design Support: Participate in weekly Design Studio Sessions which are conducted in a co-elevation style and open to all members, so we learn together and lift each other up. Design Studios provide support you in all aspects of this work, even if you have not been through the XCHANGE Online Experience yet. [Click here to request support]
  • Online Community Support: Access to our hyper-collaborative, wise and generous XCHANGE virtual community via Facebook. [Click here to join]

Learning Lab

Design Support

Online Community


No, this is an immersion training and you’ll get the most value by attending live.

YES! Sessions will start on time and if you plan to attend a Module, please be there from start to finish. For the integrity of the training and our participants, we need to minimize the disruption caused by late entry or early departure and it’s critical for you to be present through the entirety of each module. Believe us, you don’t want to miss anything!

Our online training, events, and meetings are getting rave reviews. In many cases, we are seeing the intimacy and openness surpass what happens in-person. Search the Facebook group for #DEBRIEF and you’ll see some of our recent online wins.

At the conclusion of the Online XCHANGE Experience, you can decide if you want to become a member of the XCHANGE community, and continue your learning journey with us. At any time, you can schedule a call with our admissions team to discuss to discuss becoming an XCHANGE Certified Guide.

Even though the real magic is in the design and facilitation of the human connection, we know you’ll need some basics covered on the tech side. We have you covered


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Where Should We Send a Link to the Training?

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Where Should We Send a Link to the Training?

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