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Events 360 iNTERACTIVE – Your Events Matter

The 360 XCHANGE Experience

The 360 XCHANGE Experience

$12,997 Value!

Events 360 iNTERACTIVE – Your Events Matter
ONLY $5,950

What’s Included: 

  • 1/2-Day Professional Facilitation of Your Event ($7,500 Value)
  • Event Design Strategy Session ($1,500 Value)
  • Full Online XCHANGE Training ($3,997 Value)
  • XCHANGE Online Facilitation Playbook (Priceless!)

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May 6-7, 2020

Meet our team of Professional Facilitators

What's Included in The 360 XCHANGE Experience:

Professional Online Facilitation

Deliver an amazing online experience for your community by having one of our XCHANGE Faculty members design and facilitate a half-day event for you!

XCHANGE Faculty are our most experienced practitioners in applying the XCHANGE methodology.

After your online XCHANGE training is completed, you’ll be matched with a Faculty member who will co-create the overall event design with you and develop a pre-event communications strategy to ensure participants show up with the right expectations and technology awareness. 

Our team is in high demand for partnership and this offers the possibility to develop a long-term relationship with a world-class XCHANGE Facilitator!


Strategy & Design Consultation: 60-min.  Online Event Facilitation: 1/2-day up to 2.5-hrs
Schedule: On Faculty’s availability

Online Training (May 6-7) 

The Online XCHANGE Experience is a fully interactive training on how to design powerful interactions for events of all types.

Our training is entirely experiential, which means you’ll experience everything through the lens of a participant AND a facilitator. First, you experience our activities. Then you study how they work. Finally, you learn how to apply it to your events.

You’ll learn our most powerful foundation activities and how to execute them online.

A BONUS Design Studio (May 8) is included to help you design your first online event using XCHANGE, with the support of our Faculty and community.

If you lead meetings or groups in the virtual environment today, or you are transitioning events from in-person to online, this is the training to get you started right now!


Schedule: May 6-7 | Design Studio May 8
Duration: 2-days, 10 am – 4 pm eastern
Location: Online (via Zoom)

Online Facilitation Playbook

Created by our hyper-collaborative community of world-class ROCKSTAR facilitators from around the world!  

This comprehensive PDF playbook contains everything we’ve learned and successfully implemented in facilitating the XCHANGE approach online. 

Complete with sample email templates for pre-event and post-event communication, as well as tips on how to market and promote your event. 

The playbook includes a 90-min. sample agenda with over 20 powerful, thought provoking and highly relevant questions, specifically designed to help teams, groups, communities and individuals with what they need right now, in the areas of:  

Purpose, Resilience, Leadership, Rapid Change, Abundance, Evolution, Adaptability and more… 


Receive your playbook during our online training.


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Where Should We Send a Link to the Training?

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Where Should We Send a Link to the Training?

Enter Your BEST Email So You Get It!