Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, Ohio

Event Description

We are inviting the whole XCHANGE community to join us in-person for our annual XCHANGE Community Summit. Return to the grounds where Appreciative Inquiry was born at the historic Linsalata Alumni Center on the campus of Case Western Reserve University. 

We will reunite as a community to savor the power of XCHANGE in-person, as we unlock our collective potential to make magic in a world that needs us.

Our Community Summit will be full of purposeful learning, cutting edge insights, and epic, heart-centered experiences.  This will be an experience that honors the whole person AND takes a holistic approach to serving our members. We create an environment that simultaneously nurtures  individual and community development. 

Are you ready to unlock your full potential with XCHANGE?

What To Expect

  • Connect, co-create and make magic with our stellar XCHANGE members (who knows what that could ultimately lead to!)
  • Learn through being a participant… how to design and facilitate an intentional mastermind-style retreat experience
  • Spend time reflecting, inspired by nature, art, music and the presence of other inspired XCHANGE Souls
  • Listen deeply to the important questions to continue your personal and professional growth
  • Be in the energy of the birthplace of Appreciative Inquiry and experience unique expressions of this gift given to the world
  • Sing, dance, laugh and play to elevate your creative energy and flow
  • Leave renewed, refreshed and in the flow of possibility

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Questions you might have

The Linsalata Alumni Center on the campus of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. 

11310 Juniper Rd, Cleveland, OH 44106

Start time is 5pm on Tuesday, October 3rd and the event will close late after dinner and celebrations on Thursday, October 5th. Plan to depart Friday, October 6th. Inner Circle will have exclusive time starting with a post-dinner Brotha James jam session Monday, October 2nd and a day together on Tuesday, October 3rd.

Yes, and we will have some special guests who will rock the house. 🙂

No cost for Inner Circle. Unlimited Members price is $2,000 and Community Member price is $2,500. Ask our Inner Circle, or other members… we invest big time into your experience.

We are guaranteeing 60 seats. The beautiful space we are meeting in (it’s awe inspiring to say the least!) has a real capacity limit. Currently, more than half of these seats are accounted for, with deposits already secured from our 2022 Community Summit attendees.

XCHANGE will provide the following meals: dinner at Tuesday evening’s opening ceremony, lunch on Wednesday, and dinner on Thursday. There will be a self-organized lunch on Thursday and breakfast is on your own. We’ll provide an abundance of snacks throughout the experience!

No, lodging is not included.  XCHANGE has a discounted room block at the Marriot, you can book through this link here.  You may also check for local Airbnb options.

We recommend rideshare via Uber, Lyft or Taxi
Cleveland (CLE) Hopkins Airport is about 30-min. from our event location.

As much as we would love to control the weather, Mother Nature is going to do her thing! Weather should be between 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and drop into ~40 degrees at night with some rain to be expected. It can be fairly cool this time of year in the Cleveland area, so please plan accordingly and dress in layers. We recommend bringing the following:

  • Casual, comfortable clothing – we recommend dressing in layers to be prepared for all possible weather conditions (think jeans, close-toed walking shoes, warm jacket…)
  • Reusable water bottle
  • *Optional* Workout clothes for morning movement time

SCHOLARSHIPS – If you are an XCHANGE Community member and are not able to afford the member prices for this event and you want to chat with one of our XC team members about our scholarship options, reach out to

Refund Policy

  • 100% refund available up to 60-days before event (Aug. 1st)
  • 50% refund available until 30 days before the event (Sept. 1st)
  • No refunds less than 30-days before the event (as of Sept. 3rd)
“If you have a big vision for what you are up to in the world, a defined calling, a significant impact you want to make, and you can clearly see that XCHANGE is going to be a significant part of you getting your work out into the world, then you want to come to an in person event. XCHANGE is a community of thought partners who are using this work at a high level and mastering their ability to facilitate. By coming to a live event, you will have the chance to bounce ideas off of, collaborate with, get advice from, and receive coaching on getting your vision out of your head and into the world.”
“I’ve had the IMMENSE pleasure of attending 2 in-person XChange events and they were both completely transformative personally and professionally. I feel like there’s double value every time because not only is all the content so powerful, but there’s no better facilitators and event designers on planet earth, so I get so much value taking in and studying what’s happening behind “what’s happening”. It’s like a 2 for 1 ticket. 3 for 1 if I think about the lifelong friendships and professional collaborators that have emerged from attending. Drop whatever you’re doing and get there (and I’ll see you there!)”
“Every live XCHANGE event I’ve attended I have walked away inspired, with an action plan marinating, and deeply connected with others. Can not wait to be in person with the awesome XCHANGE team and community again soon.”
“Being in person with our Xchange family is like a sunflower turning towards the sun! It’s life-giving, healing, and recharges the soul. There is no place that I would rather be than in a group of aligned souls on the journey to be better tomorrow than we are today.”
“There was not one moment that was not intentional. The level of preparation…to allow for a sense of unity. That desire to create this unity was above and beyond. Especially the somatic parts…getting into our bodies to connect in a whole new way was phenomenal.” 
“Looking forward to another amazing experience. The last in-person event was outstanding – a great time to connect with others and reflect on myself. I am very much looking forward to coming in October and meeting more amazing people and coming out with more great ideas to apply to my business.”
“XCHANGE live events have not only been experiences that have left me feeling energized and more connected to myself and my clarity, but also been where I have learned the most about the architecture of experience design and skillset of facilitating that inform how I run events myself. (And I’m pretty damn good at running powerful events!) If you’re committed to leading great experiences live or virtual… Simply seeing Jon in action is always worth the price of admission, and there’s always more to take away beyond that.”
“Immediately there was a feeling of safety to allow for a feeling of authenticity. One of the things that contributed to this was the attention to detail. No matter where I was participating whether in the big room or back in my hotel room, I had the sense that I was a part of the community. I truly felt that XCHANGE gets me.”
“Had such an amazing full experience at the last experience we had together. To be together and learn first hand and interact directly over the course of a couple of days is an experience I will always treasure. Great relationships, connection, and family!”
“What I valued most about attending an XCHANGE In-Person experience is the connections and the conversations that emerge when you have such amazing people in the room. I appreciated the possibility of what can birthed through those conversations. It’s been a beautiful experience. This has completely changed the way I work with clients and evolved and as a result the impact I see with clients is greater because they are a part of that co-creative experience and I can bring many voices inside of the design process.”
Monica Brewster
Cynthia Lawson Whitaker
RLH Headshot - head turn square - Ron Hill
Monica Pandele
Ben Schemper
Monica Tschantz1
Katrina DeAngelis


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Where Should We Send a Link to the Training?

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