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About The Workshop

The average career of a women in the technology sector is 4 years, many of them will leave the industry because of a lack of mentorship.   Lady Coders was created as a conference and learning community for women to connect with other woman and Ally’s (men in technology).

The LadyCoders conference is a two and a half day gathering dedicated to empowering women and non-binary technologists to take their tech career to the highest possible levels.

LadyCoders is designed to provide the underrepresented in technology tangible, real-world advice to advance their careers at all stages and overcome the obstacles they face in the tech industry.

During the conference, we facilitated an opening session where the women could share their strengths, their goals, and their challenges. On day two, we created and guided a “meaningful mentoring connection” session where women were grouped together with their peers and a senior female technologist or business leader and could get real time feedback on challenges that they are currently facing.

The Agenda

Opening night we had sponsors, vendors and ally’s (men who support women in technology) along with attendees experienced an hour of Purposeful Networking where they were able to have powerful conversations about their superpowers, their short and long term goals, and what brings them alive in and outside the office.

Main program 3 hours: Women in the technology industry ranging from students all the way to executives.  Leveraged 4D cycle for small groups to Discover, Dream, Design, and Deploy they path forward in their career.

the Outcome

Creating safe, intentional space for women in technology to be mentored by not only their peers, but also women who have been in the technology field creating a path forward. Achieved this outcome through intentional programming, speakers, and hand picked small group mentoring session with peers and a mentor.

The Gallery

Case Study Assets

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Event Details

Event Date April 2019
Event Location Denver, Co
Client Type Women in Technology
Event Duration 1.5 Days
Impact Level Community
Event Type Conference
Participants 225

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