XCHANGE has the proven ability to deliver powerful outcomes across almost any kind of group, team, organization, community or industry. As a trained XCHANGE Guide, you now have the ability to create massive value for the clients you serve. Whether you’re starting a new consulting business or are adding XCHANGE as a tool to serve clients in your existing business, these resources below will help you see how to communicate and create value, using XCHANGE. You may also consider attending one of our Business Development Deep Dives, where we go in-depth on this topic during a 2-day immersion.

Learning Items Included:

  • How to Sell a 5-I System Level Change Engagement with Anna Liotta and Jon Berghoff
  • Ball Horticulture Sales Call
  • Intro to XCHANGE Executive Summary
  • Business Development Masterclass
  • Business Development Deep Dive Segment from Steve Bouchard
  • Sales Pitch Framework Video
  • Additional Guide Resources