Awakening Conscious Leadership Experience

Catalyzing High Performance Conscious Leadership & Resiliency

January 25, 26, 27 2022

Become more aligned with your vision, goals, and what’s most important
Catalyze your growth as a leader to cultivate a more engaged and high-performing culture
Focus your energy and attention to experience more vitality, deeper relationships, and greater success

The Awakening Conscious Leadership Experience

All From Your Home or Office

 The Awakening Conscious Leadership Experience helps people find their way back to what matters most. This highly interactive three-day program is unlike any online experience that you’ve ever had. You will come away feeling invigorated, connected, and ready to make a difference in the world.

Master your inner game through neuroscience and mindfulness-based brain training to enhance emotional intelligence, communication, execution, to inspire engagement and trust in your team.

DAYS: January 25, 26, 27 2022

The Awakening Conscious Leadership Experience was a meaningful, transformative experience for me. Lead with heart and filled with neuroscience and practical exercises, I can genuinely say I am already a more conscious leader.
The brain science is incorporated at just the right level to be insightful and engaging without being too theoretical.
Dr. Danny’s ability to authentically inspire his audience is second to none. He is a true role model for living for the principles that facilitate leading well from within. His approach to helping people shift their relationship with stress demonstrates the intersection of good science and genuine compassion.
Ana Karina Smith Cain
Evelyn Henry Miller
Heidi Hanna

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I found a more cohesive voice for my own path to awakening as well as solid principles and models of leadership to empower others in an understandable and clear way.
If only business leaders could understand the importance of fostering deep, heart-based authentic connections to create a safe environment, each worker would be more able to grow to their full potential and to contribute more to the company’s bottom line. Win win, I would say!
Personally, I feel more present. I’m holding the tensions that arise in the business (and in me!) with more lightness and humor. Taking the edge off, as Danny says.
Les McDaniel
Sheryl BellerKenner
Doug Levy

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This was everything I could ask for and more in a learning experience. XCHANGE so masterfully created explosive connection and support as the soil for the mind and heart to really engage in the learning cycle.
In The Awakening Conscious Leadership Experience, I received direct experience and valuable insight which allowed for breakthroughs in how to manage stress and drastically improve my leadership.
To be part of the Awakening Conscious Leadership Experience sparked a desire deep within to embrace a heart centered leadership and to inspire others from a space of creativity.
IMG_2522 - Copy - Loretta Monareng
Leah Headshot - Leah Michael

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3 Day Awakening Conscious Leadership Experience


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Where Should We Send a Link to the Training?

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Where Should We Send a Link to the Training?

Enter Your BEST Email So You Get It!