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Managing Energy and Well-being in a Virtual Environment

April 6, 2020

Managing Energy and Well-being in a Virtual Environment 

By Jesse Harless

To begin to say that our world is different is an understatement. Most of us are accepting the fact that we must depend on technology to stay connected with our families, friends, clients and customers. This disruption to our normal routine makes it easier than ever to slip into poor habits. So how do we manage this new virtual landscape and maintain our sanity and energy? Not by staring at a computer all day! Let’s make sure we have a plan in place for our well-being.

Here are 10 tips you can implement today to improve your well-being in a virtual environment:

  1. Stretching – Start everyday with 3 minutes of stretching. Make it a point to stretch every 30 minutes you’re sitting or standing at your computer.
  2. Drink Water – Keep a 32 ounce bottle by your side at all times . This way you don’t have any excuses for not drinking water.

  3. Smile – Practice the habit of smiling before you jump onto your virtual meetings. Your goal should be to make eye contact and smile to at least 3 people during every virtual meeting.

  4. Buy plants – Buy yourself some plants and place them next to your computer. You’ll get the benefits of nature right at your desk.

  5. Adequate lighting – Lighting can affect your mood and it certainly can affect your reputation on a live video call. Invest in a light for your computer such as the Lume Cube
  6. Do a walking meditation – Go outside and walk in silence. Even a simple walk to your mailbox is enough time for a quick meditation. See heart-focused breathing in number 9.

  7. Nourishing Foods – What you eat impacts not only your health but your energy levels. Try making a juice in the morning or before a virtual meeting. Here’s an easy juice recipe to try:  4 apples, 1 cucumber, 4-5 stalks of celery, 1 inch piece of ginger and 1 lemon. Always buy organic whenever possible.

  8. Essential oils – Using essential oils prior to or while you are p online will provide a refreshing,calming and uplifting experience. Try lavender for calmness, peppermint for a cool surge or lemon for a refreshing pick me up.

  9. Practice Heart-Focused Breathing™ – This might be the most  important tip on this list. Instructions: Focus on your heart or chest area; Imagine your breath moving inside and outside of your heart. Allow your breath to become deeper than normal. You can try inhaling for 5 seconds and exhaling  for 5 seconds. Do this breathing technique for 5 minutes. If you’re in a crunch, simply go for 5-7 heart-focused breaths. I recommend combining Heart-Focused Breathing™ with your walking meditation.

  10. Cold showers – Yes, that’s right. Just before a virtual meeting and/or before you start your day is a great time for a cold shower. You will experience more energy, boost your immunity and uplift your mood in 5 minutes or less. You will still get these benefits if you start your shower with warm water and make the last minute of your shower cold.


Bonus Tip:

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